The Promise Of New Generation Land

The House of Abhinandan Lodha® is a New Generation Developer with the mission of making land in India a fundamental component of investment. The company was founded with the goal of democratizing land in the nation. We provide safe investment options for long-term intergenerational wealth development by disrupting land ownership via technology and digital change.

Registration No. TomorrowView - P52800050210.
Tomorrowland Phase 1 - P52800031035.
Tomorrowland Phase 2 - P52800031036.
Tomorrowland Phase 3 - P52800033162,
TomorrowWorld - P52800047713,

We've used contemporary technology to turn it into an easy-to-use digital process that only requires a few clicks to finish. HoABL offers secure land parcels throughout the nation in the safest, most practical, and most effective manner by selling New Generation Land® digitally.

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Types : Plots

  • Location : Anjarle, Maharashtra
    • Size : 2000 - 2200 Sq.Ft
    • Price : 46.9 Lacs **
    • With 40+ Amenities
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    Types : Plots

  • Location : Anjarle, Maharashtra
    • Size : 2400-2600 Sq.Ft
    • Price : 55.99 Lacs**
    • With 40+ Amenities
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    Cabanas with Open air

    Game Zone

    Gymnasium & Jacuzzi


    Night Garden

    Specialty Restaurant

    Sundance Arena



    No Unnecessary Red Tape, Hassles or risk anymore

    Land is an asset upon which legacies are built. But its foundation lays stuck in outdated processes. We’re here to change the way the new generation of India can make this dream come true, with New Generation Land®.
    Consider this not just a buy but also a wise investment plan that will guarantee long-term financial success and an unrivaled lifestyle of luxury and relaxation. Every second spent here and every dollar invested is guaranteed to be astonishingly profitable thanks to the possibility of a remarkable 3X rental yield* and the promise of the highest returns on your investment.

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    Elite & Exclusive Ocean View Plots

    Of expansive development made for the world
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    Boasting expansive

    water bodies beckoning you to delight & relish
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    Exclusive recreational spaces spanning

    Ticket Size 49.99L. with All Inclusive

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    Exhilarate your senses with more than

    40+ World-Class Amenities

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